Never more without social network on board, thanks to Seafy Wi-Fi

Why Seafy? Let’s start from the beginning. Having Wi-Fi nowadays is a must. Everyone wants it, actually we pretend it. The most important thing, indeed, is to be connected and it’s easy to understand. Be connected, indeed, means to be not isolated and, starting from the point that “Man is a social animal”, like Aristotle said, is natural that he wants to feel part of a community. Community is our comfort zone and social networks have strengthened this sense of membership. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, are our life.

WhatsApp is become the most use platform to communicate and now is impossible to come back. Inside social network we have our family, friends and all our passions. This make feel us near to loved ones, even if the distance is huge, this thanks to our smartphones. If long time ago travel meant give up our life, today is different, because we stay always in touch with our world. It’s essential at this point, have an internet connection also on the ships, that in the past when they were in the middle of the sea, the became ghosts.

Today world is changed, internet on board isn’t a news anymore, but low cost yes! This is the Seafy’s aim, the platform that brings low-cost Wi-Fi a reality. The creators have understood that the experience on board can’t be without internet, because smartphones are our life. And above all, the connection on board can’t be expensive. Every ship owner wants to offer the best services to his customers, because an holiday starts from the travel with the means of transport. Thanks to Seafy and to its low cost Wi-Fi boxes, the wellness of the passengers in travel towards Mediterranean destination like Corse, Sardinia, Sicily and French Riviera are guaranteed.

Never more endless trip without knowing what’s happening at our loved ones. With the Seafy connection surfing isn’t never so easy and nice. Seafy boxes, indeed, offer an optimum value for money. Wi-Fi cost on board of Corsica Ferries, indeed, start from 4,99 euros. Ship’s travel will become more nice thanks to social networks, films, music and information.
A good news, that push us to buy travel boxes Seafy, the one and only with the best offers.

Stay tuned on board with Corsica Ferries. Visit Seafy!






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By IES Team