What’s Seafy? Discover the innovative service signed IES Italia

Have you ever dreamt about travelling by sea, browsing the web with a cheap Wi-Fi connection? Until some years ago, people who traveled by ferry were without internet connection, that left a sense of longing and gloom hanging in the air, because they were completely isolated from the world outside the ship. This is all in the past now. Seafy is a modern service that allows, inside Corsica Ferries, to connect easily and enjoy a fast and cheap Wi-Fi experience during the whole navigation. Seafy proposes three smart offers: Digital, Easy and Start plus that start from 4,99 euros. That means saving a lot of money, if we consider that, in a short travel of minimum five hours, connections can usually be very expensive.

Buying a Wi-Fi package with Seafy doesn’t mean to have only the possibility to use personal social networks and be connected with your most dear ones, but also watch movies, tv programs, music and much more from every point of the ship, from harbour to bunks. Shopping addicted can go crazy among all the offers and make fantastic shopping on board. Finally Seafy knows that among travellers the most important ones are the children, and for this reason, has designed a section just for them on Seafy’s web platform. In this way, the whole family can share the best Wi-Fi experience and save money for the next trip by ship… always with Seafy.

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By IES Team