There are few companies today that are able to design projects that have a strong impact on the future of people. Often, despite these winning ideas, for various reasons you can’t make them and push them in the right way. The incubator companies enter this stalemate, with the precise aim of making them emerge, grow and compete in the global market.

Only the best projects hit us. We are digital talent scouts because we recognize the potential of nascent projects, which stand out for innovation and for positive impact they could have on people.

IES, always an incubator of innovative ideas, supports companies in achieving their business objectives. Our team, with its technological, strategic and design skills, supports companies and startups that want to achieve a higher level of performance.

Our research and analysis work leads to the design and development of the best finished product. Through technology, design and marketing, an idea is shaped into a functional digital and physical product. The delivery of the project to the customer does not close the circle. In fact, is followed from the analysis of user feedback. Monitoring the impact of our creation on users is essential to improve the project in all its aspects, so we support customers from beginning to end.

As an incubator for other companies' projects, we feel more responsible and, for this reason, we are committed to double the task. The success of an external company project is first of all our success.