Development IT

The digital world is part of our lives. The new technologies, in constant transformation, allow us to live better experiences in the world. Behind every digital success hides, among others, the IT-Information Technology Development sector, so it is called the team of developers that have the purpose of creating and managing different aspects of an website or an app, ensuring the perfect functioning of every tools.

IES being a digital laboratory, has, since birth, a team of experienced developers. Front-End developer and Back-End developer, before being professionals, are web users and, therefore, develop intuitive software and apps that really simplify user experience.

Our front-end team of websites, works on the part visible to users, using three languages: HTML (for structure and content), CSS (for the part related to colors, style, fonts and images of background) and JAVASCRIPT (to give the page greater dynamism and possibility of interaction). Finally, let's not forget the Full Stack that, thanks to the knowledge of all the languages ​​(HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, RUST, GO, PHP and PYTHON), are the most complete of the team. IES, moreover, develops for its customers, an integrated ecosystem with all the technological devices (from hardware to software).

The whole team works in an atmosphere of constant exchange of information and ways to develop a digital product that is easy to use for end users.