Prototyping is a fundamental aspect in the design of a product or service because it allows to understand tangibly the strengths and weaknesses before presenting it to the market. The result of a correctly executed design leads to the creation of the prototype that can be conceptual or functional and represents the first model of the object or platform that will be realized later. Prototyping is essential to understand the form and operation of the product or service, to assess costs, cycle times and market response and, finally, to improve its performance over time.

Our working method, based on careful planning, can not ignore the prototyping that allows us to objectively evaluate the interaction and value of a product before proceeding with its development, and then launch it onto the market. Our goal is to get feedback from the various stakeholders that can eventually refine specific project needs, improve its functionality or even evaluate alternative design lines (Redesign). We know that the project implementation times are strictly related to the degree of fidelity of the prototype, so we have some software that are able to offer fully interactive simulations.

We prototype digital ecosystems, IoT products, web and mobile applications and Data Visualization systems.