Why was Seafy born? The story behind the cutting-edge service

People at Seafy, before its creation, were normal ferry customers. And as customers, they lived the experience on board without Wi-Fi, or worse, they have seen their phone credit consumed drastically, because of high connection prices.

But whom are we talking about?

They are Seafy’s designers and developers. Seafy is a web service that allows people on board to always be online at the right price. This because being connected means to be part of a community that shares everything immediately. Work mails, boyfriend’s WhatsApp, friend’s snaps, and the longing to watch a nice comedy or listen to the latest album of Coldplay. We are accustomed to satisfy these “virtual necessities” in real time. We pretend it even when we travel. When we are on a plane to Rome or on board to Sardinia. If in the first case connection is not that common, ferries, instead all have Wi-Fi, but it’s not that cheap. From these premises Seafy was born, a platform that finally allows internet connection in Corsica Ferries, with super cheap Wi-Fi packages for the modern traveller, always focused on social network.

The ultimate goal is to make the experience on board contemporary.

No more boring travels and especially no more empty phone credit after few minutes online. Now we can enjoy a full web experience, thanks to long travels and saving money with Seafy.

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By IES Team