IoT conquers smart home and confirms + 52% growth in Italy in 2018

IoT is becoming more and more popular, media and people who have decided to adopt it speak a lot about it, but what is it? The IoT, acronym of "Internet of Things", refers to the extension of internet to the world of objects. That is, all devices connected to network can be managed remotely.

The Internet of Things Observatory of the School of Management of the Polytechnic of Milan, has presented in mid-February the data on the smart home during the conference entitled "Smart Home: listen to speaker!". Statistics confirmed that IoT in 2018 grew by + 52%, with a turnover of 380 million euros, thanks to the sale of home speakers and solutions for home security. Welcoming IoT is the "smart home" that exploit all the potential of digital as regards security solutions. Although almost four out of ten Italians have an intelligent device, we are still below average compared to other European countries. In fact, Germany, United Kingdom and France dominate. Looking at the digital future, the greatest challenge for human beings will be cybersecurity, considering the amount of data that smart objects put into circulation. It is essential, at this point, to protect oneself from attacks by hackers that undermine the security of personal data, above all banking security.

At IES we are aware of risks involved in "smart homes", so we developed IVO, the device that, together with the app, allows you to monitor and manage online time of the whole family, with an eye to the navigation of children.
A cutting-edge service that is preparing to conquer the market of cyber security and parental control.






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By IES Team