5G will be a huge cybersecurity problem, how to prepare to it?

2020 will be a decisive year for 5G, or the fifth generation of connectivity that will arrive after 4G. According to experts, 5G lives a perfectly connected society, favoring transformations in social and economic sphere that were unimaginable until today.

5G isn't only important for download and upload: it’s always how communications and coverage are managed. Networks will be smarter in terms of interests and the Internet of things (IoT) within an integrated information ecosystem.

An epochal passage that also involves "epochal" risks.

What aspects of our lives will change?

But how will 5G change our lives? An immediately tangible example will be being able to easily connect in very crowded environments, an action that today is rather difficult. With 5G the problem will not arise due to more efficient bandwidth and connection management.

In the city and in the country, personal devices will enjoy same performance in terms of connection speed, download and upload.

One of the novelties will be the real-time that will give the possibility to communicate instantly between two distant points. More people can live the same experience at the same time, such as a concert.

Finally, broadcasting will be more efficient because it will make possible services that up until now have been limited by network technologies.

But the biggest impact will be on Internet of Things (IoT) because it will allow you to connect many devices at the same time and make them work at their best.

So the arrival of 5G will favor the definitive affirmation of the IoT, an acronym for the Internet of Things or the objects connected to the Internet.

What’s about the solution?

Equipping yourself with "shields" that guarantee computer security of all objects connected to the network will be the only vaccine to protect yourself from hackers and thus safeguard your data and/or personal objects.

At IES Italia and ntop we are aware of risks that undermine all devices connected to internet, so we created IVO, a service that, together with an app, allows real-time recognition of all threats to network and block them before they can constitute a irreparable damage. Only by protecting your private, domestic and work network, in fact, you can have the best from 5G!





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By IES Team