A safe virtual ecosystem for students web surfing

Everyone connected, always and everywhere. 

We live in a super-fast society, where everyone is always connected to internet, included children and teens. In fact, the age at which they begin to get acquainted  with smartphones, tablets and pc has been significantly lowered. It has become common to see children going to school with their smartphones in their backpacks.

The result is that, often, due to the phones connected to the network, attention in classroom is constantly at risk.

The solution is to guide students how to use the internet.

But how can school officials and teachers deal with this situation?

The most common solution is to prohibit the use of electronic data devices during lessons, practically an unsuccessful action. It’s necessary to find a definitive solution and to teach a conscious use of internet, from a very young age.

Adopt computer systems which block incorrect behaviors on the Internet.

The aim of the school managers is to confronting positively with  this new situation, avoiding demonizing the use of devices connected to internet. Internet, in fact, is a great resource if used in the right way. For this reason school, with educational and training purposes, has the obligation to monitor and manage studen’s internet browsing.

To do so, each structure must be equipped with preventive information systems that check incorrect behavior of students.

Create a secure virtual ecosystem for student web browsing

Prohibit internet access to prevent students from entering unsuitable sites (pornography, violence, etc.) is not the solution, leading pupils towards a conscious use of the network yes. In addition to this, it’s essential to create a safe ecosystem to ensure user safety and protect the information of each person.

Filter contents to offer only the very best of Internet

Creating preventive filters on the contents to which students have access is the first step to make Internet a tool for learning and sharing. Only in this way young users can get the best of internet. This will help increase the prestige of the school. The outcome? The digital certification of the school and tranquility of parents, confident that their children will benefit maximum protection, also on the web.

The answer of IES Italia and ntop

IES Italia and ntop, always updated with new technologies, are preparing to launch IVO on the market. What brings forward such ambitious project is the awareness of living in an ever more complex and endangered digital ecosystem. IVO intends to shield all the negative aspects of the network and return to the students a safe and pleasant navigation. Find out more about IVO.
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