Press release: IES Italia's infrastructure has been subject to very serious DdoS type cyber attacks

Starting from last October 11, the infrastructure of IES ITALIA has been subject to very serious DoS type cyber attacks.

The most relevant evidence was recorded on October 21 and 25.

Unfortunately, these attacks have inevitably compromised the regularity of the Services provided by all the platforms managed by us, including,,, causing disruption to users. 

Since the beginning IES Italia has been doing its best, and is continuing to do so incessantly, to strengthen its resources by exponentially increasing security systems against possible future attacks,also in collaboration with leading global security institutes.

At the moment we are collecting all the supporting documentation necessary to file a complaint against unknown persons with the competent authorities.

We want to reassure our customers that we are fully committed to ensuring that the disruptions that have occurred in recent weeks cannot occur again.


By IES Team