IES and ntop introduce IVO, cyber security and parental control device

IES Italia and ntop are pleased to announce the release of IVO, the cybersecurity service that identifies and neutralizes threats that access devices and objects through the web.

In an increasingly connected world, computers, tablets and smartphones are constantly in danger.

IVO is born to guarantee safe and pleasant browsing for everyone. Personal data, in fact, will be safe thanks to a system able to protect the most aggressive attacks (viruses, malware, ransomware). Furthermore, for the little ones, there are parental control features and a monitoring of the time spent on the network.

IVO is therefore proposed as a complete platform that allows to navigate without having to worry about anything.

A perfect system for cybersecurity and parental control. Among its features, in fact, we find anti-intrusion, anti-malware, cryptolocker and IoT device protection.

IES Italia and ntop are working for make it a declinable product: not only for family, but also for business and for school.

Let’s find out why...

IVO for family

A common family, with a home network, has many connected devices, not just computers, smartphones and tablets, but also IoT objects. All these devices are constantly exposed to network’ dangers  and, if "infected" by viruses or malware, can endanger home. It’s essential to protected them.

In addition, parents are worried about their younger children. Time and content can, however, be monitored to avoid dangers up to what Americans call "internet addiction disorder".

IVO for business

With the advent of 5G, the mobile network of the next future 20 times faster than the current 4G, new aspects of vulnerability are emerging for IT systems, not only for medium and small companies, but also for big. Alongside the external dangers to which a company is exposed, the negative aspects of "smart working" have been added. The new work system, in fact, has allowed us to carry out our duties anywhere with the use of personal devices, but this represents a further danger for companies. The Americans call it BYOD, acronym for “Bring your own device", a custom that has created many security problems. The risk is that attacks against corporate system entering corporate network through personal devices. At this point, investing in corporate security is essential to ensure the existence of the company.

IVO for school

According to estimates, children receive first smartphone as a gift around 9/10 years.

If on one hand parents want it to guarantee their safety and protection, on the other, more and more children pretend to feel part of a community. From that moment on, the smartphone immediately becomes an indispensable object for them, so much so that they also take it to school.

Outside home network, the need for parents is that children connected do not meet websites that are unsuitable for their age or people in bad faith.

The school, on the other hand, having to pursue educational and educational goals, has the obligation to monitor and manage students' browsing. For this reason it’s fundamental that institutes are equipped with preventive computer systems that will limit wrong behavior of students.

IES Italia and ntop, always in step with new technologies, are preparing to launch of IVO. Leading the ambitious project was the awareness of living in an increasingly complex and endangered digital ecosystem. IVO aims to shield all the negative aspects of network and return to the people who will choose it safe and enjoyable navigation.
Find out more about IVO. Visit the website and stay up to date on upcoming features.



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By IES Team