Women's football in Italy is ready for a leading future in sport

Males get ready, the football of the future will always be pinker. Signed Tascout!
This is confirmed by the data from the Uefa that show that in 2017 the registered players increased by + 7.5% in Europe.

Incredible growth

2017 was a decisive year for the sector thanks to the Uefa Women's Euro, which saw 16 teams participate, with a surprising audience record. Registered players are on the rise in England, France, Germany, Holland, Norway and Sweden; thanks to these nations, in fact, last year in Europe it went from 1,270,000 to 1,365,000. Even the professional and semi-professional figures have more than doubled in just four years.

But how is the situation of women's football in Italy? Compared to other European countries we are still far behind, in fact, the players registered in 2017 were just 23.665, of which 10.918 over 18 years. The good news, however, is that the FIGC is activating itself so that all the teams of Serie A have their female team, through actions that encourage the membership of athletes and the creation of high-profile sports clubs. To date, the women's teams that have achieved this milestone are: in Serie A Juventus, Fiorentina, Milan, Hellas Verona, Atalanta, Empoli and Sassuolo, while in Serie B there are Lazio and Inter.

Girl power

The affirmation of women's teams in the football world is an added value from many points of view. In fact, in addition to being an important achievement of gender equality in a world - football - purely masculine, at the same time goes to complete the missing piece of a puzzle that had seen the presence of women in all other sports already time. The success of the women's teams and the stars of the ball, therefore, will be for the young lovers of football played a strong incentive to pursue their dream, as for the males who watch Cristiano Ronaldo. From this year even the little girls can see their heroines excel in the most important international camps, thanks to the top sports channels that regularly broadcast women's soccer games. The real achievement, however, will be to reach an equal pay with colleagues.

Norwegian example

The example is Norway, where the Football Association has decided that, this year, the male and female nationals have equal compensation, this was possible thanks to the reduction of salaries of men. An act of great civilization that must be an example for our women's teams, where the players are not yet considered professional and therefore do not enjoy any right (accident, sickness, maternity, retirement). The road to the Norwegian goal is still long, but for sure we are building solid foundations to make it happen. We at Tascout are doing our part.
This is by making sure that girls can emerge strong and winning and - who knows? - realize their dream of becoming future football stars.






By IES Team