Bring out talent of young players: that's Tascout's goal

Tascout, the worldwide community of football fans, is born with a completely new platform.
The goal of our team is always the same: offer the tools to bring out the talent of all those who love to play football, from the youngest to the big ones.


New Interface

The new interface, in fact, will allow the user to have a complete profile with detailed data of each game: goals, parades, technical qualities and tactics, to name a few. But not only that, the user can show the community its ability through challenges and objectives to be reached, each time new and super challenging. One of the most anticipated news is, without a doubt, that of live matches and "match content" that will allow you to have calendars and classifications constantly updated. And it does not end there, in fact Tascout aims high and aims to offer its community a 360° football experience.

For this reason, to complete the missing piece of the puzzle will be the Tascout blog, a container of articles, made by carefully selecting the most interesting news and curiosities, analyzed critically.
The blog will keep Tascout users always up to date on everything that happens in the football world, to form a skilled frontline community in the field, but also informed about everything related to the ball.

The goal is to relaunch Italian football, for too long in a stalemate. The difficulties of the sport most followed by the Italians have caused exclusion from the last World Cup. The main cause is, without a doubt, the “modus operandi” of the main football clubs of series A, B and also C that have persevered in the choice of foreign players for their teams, to the detriment of the Italian ones. An attitude that, in the long run, has led to the lack of Italian footballers who make the difference when they compete with colleagues from foreign teams. A pity for a nation that has always stood out in the world for the quality and value of its football. However, a new revolution is under way and is aimed at reviving Italian football and bringing it back to the levels it deserves.

The primary objective is to invest on young promises. The Figc has already started a few years allocating resources for the youth sectors. But all sectors are moving in this direction. Young people seem to be the hope for a better future.

This is also what Tascout thinks, born to bring out the talent of his players, creating all the tools to show their skills in the field. The new interface, thanks to the latest features, will allow the creation of a new generation of players ready to give their best and, at the same time, will help Italian football to guarantee a future that lives up to its glorious past.





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By IES Team